Review on Lime Chime Velvetines Long Wear Liquid Lipstick

Hey Beautiful Being, I am someone who likes strong vibrant colours within my make up collection. My lipstick collection contains a lot of bright or strong colours. I was browsing through the app Wish You can read my review on Wish, here: Review: Wish App The colour of this product caught my eye. The fact… Continue reading Review on Lime Chime Velvetines Long Wear Liquid Lipstick

Dolls House Refurbishment

Hello Beautiful Beings, Recently I got my Dad to get out my Childhood Dolls House from the loft. I have wanted to redo my house for years and years and I am now in the place where I have time to do so. As stated in my other blog I have Chronic Kidney Disease, Kidney… Continue reading Dolls House Refurbishment

Review: Aqua Dragons

Hey Beautiful Beings, Today I am going to be doing a review on Aqua Dragons. I was bought my Aqua Dragons for a Christmas present and I was very excited to see what would happen with them. I am 26 years old and still thought these were good and I was excited about them lol.… Continue reading Review: Aqua Dragons

Review: Pandora Delicate Bow Ring

Hey Beautiful Beings, I received a beautiful ring from my partner. This inperticular ring was one I had my eye on for ages and just loved how beautiful it looked. The picture shown is one that was used on the Pandora website. It clearly shows the beauty and dainty side of this ring. Having had… Continue reading Review: Pandora Delicate Bow Ring

Review: Mac Lipstick Media

Hey Beautiful Beings, I recently purchased a beautiful lipstick which fits in well with fall and winter. Its a warm rich colour which could also be used as part of a costume on Halloween, its very Vampy. I originally saw a picture on Facebook of this brand new colour and I became intrigued and wanted… Continue reading Review: Mac Lipstick Media

Review: M.n Me Now Generation.II LONG LASTING Lip Gloss

Hey Beautiful Beings, I will be honest with you this was a little tester to test out the Wish App which I have written a blog on previously It was also MASSIVE bargain by. The item I bought was called M.n Me Now Generation.II Long Lasting Lip Gloss. I purchased this off of Wish.… Continue reading Review: M.n Me Now Generation.II LONG LASTING Lip Gloss