7 Day Hair Growth Challenge 24th-30th January 2016

Hey Beautiful Beings, Have you heard of the 7 Day Hair Growth Challenge? Basically it is where you choose a comfortable upside-down position and massage your scalp for 4 minutes. This is meant to stimulate the blood flow and help with hair growth and apparently if you do this 7 days in a row every… Continue reading 7 Day Hair Growth Challenge 24th-30th January 2016

Review: Bamboo Paddle Brush

Hey Beautiful Beings, I recently purchased a Bamboo Paddle Brush as I have seen a lot of places that they are better on your hair and is good and softly detangling your hair unlike the harshness of a plastic bristled brush. As someone who is all about hair care at the minute as I am… Continue reading Review: Bamboo Paddle Brush

Review: Schwarzkopf LIVE COLOR XXL (99 DEEP BLACK)

Hey Beautiful Beings, This is a review of Schwarzkopf Live Color, which has always been one of my favorites. Back in my blonde days I used to dye it with a blonde xxl color and it was a good coverage and lightened my hair a lot. I have been using the black colour for quite… Continue reading Review: Schwarzkopf LIVE COLOR XXL (99 DEEP BLACK)

Hair Growth Tips!

Hey Beautiful Beings, This blog is about ways to help grow your hair. I have previously written a blog about how to help with hair growth on my beauty blog http://www.simplyfabulousbeauty.wordpress.com I know how popular video logs and blogs are about how to grow your hair and I have personally had experiences with this and… Continue reading Hair Growth Tips!