Review: Schwarzkopf got2b POWDER’ful

Hey Beautiful Beings,

As many of you know from my previous blogs I am working hard on keeping my hair healthy as I want to grow it really long. I am all for hair products that can style your hair without being harsh on your hair and destroying/damaging it.

I like to sometimes have some root lift without vigorously back coming my hair which is really bad for the hair cuticle and structure.

I have been using a brilliant product that not only gives good root lift it also gives great volume, smells really nice and is light whilst in the hair.

This product is called: got2b POWDER’ful Volumizing Styling Powder which is part of Schwarzkopf’s Collection.


As you can see the packaging is very appealing. It is literally like a tub of talc and has the little holes like talc where the product is distributed.

Now what does this product actually say it can do, you may ask?
Break the rules for how you style with got2b POWDER’ful volumizing STYLING POWDER and take your volume to new heights! This revolutionary, weightless formula texturizes each hair strand to create maximum volume at the roots – in an instant!

How do you use this product?
Shake a small amount into your palm and rub hands together. You will see the powder disappear but you will still feel it on your hands. Distribute into dry hair, focusing on the roots, for an INSTANT root boost and volume.
Tips: For an extra volume boost, shake powder directly into the roots of your hair, using fingers to work in and create big, volumised style.

The ingredients in this product are:
Aqua Silica, Silylate Soduim, Benzoate Citric, Acid Octylacrylamide/ Acrylates/ Bulaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer.

You can purchase this product in most cosmetic stores as well as some Supermarkets and is normally on sale at around £3.oo.


* All reviews are my own, I haven’t been influenced in anyway. This item was purchase by myself.


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