Review: Mothers Day Haul from

Hey Beautiful Beings,

Moonpig has always been my favorite website to use for making personalized cards and memorabilia so it is a website that I use a lot for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and many other events.

This is moonpig’s logo from their website

It is a brilliant way to display memories in personal pictures of yourself and the receiver or whatever you choose that is held close to them. Moonpig’s personalized cards are the type of cards that are kept in special memory boxes because they are that lovely.

You can visit this amazing website at the steps of making the perfect card or gift are straight forward and there are different methods of payment you can choose from. One of the great things is being able to order in advance and choose a date you would like them to arrive, perfect for certain days.

Anyway, I had a look at moonpig and made a nice card for my Mother and thought I would have a look at the flowers. There are some very pretty flowers and the bouquets are beautiful and about the same prices as a florist.

I am a fan of rainbows and my mum likes lilies so these rainbow lilies caught my attention. I thought they were simply beautiful and the colours really popped. The pictures I will share with you of the flowers are from the moonpig website.

As you can see they look wonderful. Today they arrived in a box and undamaged which is always a great sign. I decided to have them delivered on the 4th as I thought it would be the best day, so they are here for Sunday. My Mother received them early, originally thinking they were for me as I deliberately had my name put on the box hehe, to throw my Mother off of the scent. Anyway when I told her they were actually for her, her face was a picture.

She opened up the box and saw the Lillie’s which are yet to bloom, so I will eventually post a picture of them again once they are bloomed, but this is how they look at the moment.
You can see the beautiful colours clearly even though they are yet to bloom. And I spy in the corner there my lovely card that arrived within the same package the flowers were in which was great.


I used some lovely photos of me and my mum, photos that my  mum likes of us, she also loves me to you tatty teddy.

So, I 100% recommend Moonpig. I swear by this wonderful site and believe that it is the best of its kind out there. I will continue to purchase cards and gifts from this website because I am always impressed by the quality and reasonable prices and how easy it is to use.

I would recommend it for busy lifestyles, people who want to give their loved one something special and personal and also people who are unable to leave their home due to Chronic illness or a disability. I have Kidney Failure so it’s extremely hard for me to pop out so websites like this are heaven sent, for people like myself. Plus I love giving the people I love something special and personal to them.

Thank you moonpig for being such a great site.

* All reviews in this blog are my own and haven’t been influenced in anyway. I have taken my own personal photo’s as well as using some from These items were purchased by myself.



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