Review: Fosters Natural & Nutty Pink & White Nougat Sweet Bar

Hey Beautiful Beings,

I visited a Garden Centre last weekend and they had several shops inside, one that contained sweets, I must say I was in my element. My partner decided to purchase some Nougat and so I thought I would give you a review on this as it was just delicious.  The packaging was pretty plain and basic but you could see the nougat and it looked appealing.

This nougat had a wonderful consistency it wasn’t too sticky or too powdery and was just right. It was incredibly sweet but it was a compliment to my palette and wasn’t overbearing sweetness, however I am someone who does have a sweet tooth. The nougat was full of flavor and was simply delicious.
 The ingredients for this wonderful nougat are above.

I am a nougat lover and would of been devastated if this didn’t fulfill but it did, and it tasted amazing, would definitely buy another if I was to visit the Garden Centre again.

* All reviews are my own, I haven’t been influenced in anyway. This item was purchased for me by somebody else.

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