Dolls House Refurbishment

Hello Beautiful Beings,

Recently I got my Dad to get out my Childhood Dolls House from the loft. I have wanted to redo my house for years and years and I am now in the place where I have time to do so.

As stated in my other blog I have Chronic Kidney Disease, Kidney Failure so at the minute I am not working as I am chronically ill. I haven’t worked for a year now and I am tied at hope by dialysis 4 times a day so this was a perfect opportunity for me to start updating my Dolls House. It is nice to be able to do something positive. It keeps my mind focused on other things for a change and the best thing is I can decorate the house sitting down when I am too tired to stand.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen this dolls house since the 90’s and so when I opened the Dolls House up the décor was very 90’s.


As you can see there are bright carpets, dated wallpaper completed with boarders, so it did look somewhat dated.


The windows had gone a yellow colour and some were broken. Baring in mind this Dolls House is around 40 years old + and had been passed down to me from a relative on my mums side of the family so it has been an item I have cherished throughout my childhood and now I get to cherish it again in my adult hood.

I was so excited to get my hands on this and start my new project.

The paper and carpets were stripped out as much as I could, this house had previously been decorated by my Mum.
My Dad also added a lot of things in the house, he added rooms, he made some stairs and the banisters.
A lot of love went into this Dolls House and it was a little sad to see the paper and carpets go but I was more excited about updating it.


My mother and I completely gutted the Dolls House by removing both sets of stairs and opening up the Kitchen as we found that the kitchen was way too small, baring in mind this was built for child hands.

I didn’t know much about dolls houses and I didn’t realize that there was different sizes that in the Dolls House world is called scales. After measuring my Dolls House and doing some research online I found out that my Dolls House was 16th scale. This in fact was a problem especially if I wanted to modernize my house, as this was an old size and many Dolls House shops only sell items for 12th scale houses which is bigger that my house. Looking on Ebay and all the 16th scale stuff was very dated and so I has a problem. However, looking at my original furniture it all looked pretty big and it turned out I had a mixture of 12th and 16th scale furniture. So, I put the 16th scale away so I could work with the 12th scale stuff which actually looked okay in my house. It was good that the house looked Tudor and that many Tudor houses do have small doorwars, low ceilings and so the furniture actually looked alright.

My parents, partner and I took a trip to Bawdeswell Garden Centre as they had a Doll’s House Shop there called Tudor Rose Miniatures, I have been going to this shop since I was small but it had recently moved to a new location. I bought several beautiful items there, I could of bought the whole shop, there was so many lovely stuff in there and the ladies who were working there was lovely and very helpful. I bought some wallpaper for my living room, a flat screen tv, a shelf for my kitchen, a few pots and maybe some more. I will definitely be visiting the shop again, I loved it.

I have had a large amount from my Mum, and she has done the more complicated rooms and helped me throughout, as she is a interior designer my trade she definitely knows a thing or two, she can also cut in a straight line which I can’t do lol.

I repainted the stairs and banisters with white gloss paint and when they were touch dry we cut two strips of carpet for each stairs and applied it, I was really impressed as it looks really good.

This is the house so far. There is still a a lot of decorating to do. I have purchased new windows, the same as the originals and a new front door but they won’t be put in until last. The living room and kitchen are almost finished, it just needs some touch ups and soft furnishings made.

As I had an idea of what kind of colour themes my rooms were going for mum got me out hundreds of fabrics to choose from to colour match to each room for future curtains and soft furnishings. Most of the fabric has been now put aside ready for when the house had had all walls and floors done.

These are the selection of fabrics we have so far.


There is a variety of colours and patterns to work with, its all very exciting!

The rest of my rooms are unfinished but here are all the rooms up close.

7 8

Living Room                                                               Kitchen


Master Bedroom                                                         Upstairs Hallway

11 12

Girls roof Bedroom

Boys roof Bedroom

This is as far as we have got with my house, next is to varnish the floors and paint some furniture, I will keep you all updated but this is as far as I have got so far.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to see more on this beautiful Dolls House.







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