My View on Organ Donation


This is my opinion on the very recent subject of Organ Donation.

As someone who has Chronic Kidney Disease, in my final stage (Kidney Failure) relying on Peritoneal Dialysis to keep me alive I am all for Organ Donation. Having this disease has been awfully devastating but it has opened my eyes to things I was blind to before. I never knew the importance of organ donation because I never had to think about it before and that was very silly and naive of me.

I have grown as a person and know that organ donation could go on and save so many lives.

Now the subject that is most recent is that relatives of a person who is deceased who wishes to donate their organs deny this. Which I actually think is awful. Now I understand it hurts to lose a loved one but if their final wish was to donate their organs and help others then why should they be denied that final wish? It is actually pretty selfish as this person has already decided what they want to do with their organs yet a relative can deny it just like that.

Millions and millions of people die each year from failed organs and waiting on the organ list, the trouble is the organ list is long. You have to be in good health well as well as you can be and of course the awful thing is that we have to wait technically for someone to die before we get a chance of life. However I have Kidney Disease so luckily I can have live or deceased donor but other organs such as heart, lungs, eyes etc have to be from someone who has died.

Let me tell you the patients who receive organs from a deceased donor are more than grateful to the person who gave them the chance to live, to have a life. Many have tattoos done in remembrance of a person that they never knew who was their hero, other name their kidney after their donors or if they don’t know their donors name then they make a fitting one up in honor of that person.

I have witnessed miracle stories where people have received an organ and I have witnessed awful stories which has resulted in the loss of a life whilst waiting for an organ.

Transplanted organs don’t last forever. No one actually knows how long a transplanted organ will work, it could never work, it could work for a few seconds, minutes, months and years. There is no telling when an organ will stop running, not even your GP or Consultant will be able to tell you when they think your organ may stop working.

I cannot express to you how important organ donation is, and donation in general which helps with medicines and research in finding different better ways and maybe one day a cure so we wouldn’t have to go through such traumatic events to try to stay alive.

A person with a transplanted organ will be on life long medication and life long hospital watch, so they will be forever in and out of hospital, being pumped with medications, it isn’t an easy life but unfortunately it is the life that some of us have been given and the best we can do is live it, and we REALLY want to live!

I will make sure that when I go under the knife for my transplant that if anything happens to me they can take anything they want. Minus my kidneys as they are useless lol, unless they want to use them for science in more research for Kidney Disease.

I am hoping this opt out comes in place soon where everyone becomes an organ donator unless they go out of there way to opt out, which I hope doesn’t happen.

One of my friend quite clearly stated his opinion in a video about Organ Donation and he said ‘If you denied your loved ones wish of donating then next week another loved one became critically ill and needed an organ, how would you feel?’ And that is a good comment. You could of potentially taken away a chance of your other loved one having a life.

I understand that it hurts to lose a loved one but please remember that the body they left behind is now empty and their beautiful soul has gone on to a better place and that fulfilling their wish of donating their organs to go on to save several peoples lives would be in honor and respect of them.

Please think.



One thought on “My View on Organ Donation

  1. Whilst the subject raises great emotion in many, in Australua at least, it is in fact very unusual for a family to refuse when they are informed that the patient was a registered donor. In 2015 over 90% of those donors in Australia who were registered and sadly became potential donors, their family agreed. Hence the importance of registering. Interesting piece thank you.

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